Armando José Garcia Pires


Phone:            +47 55 95 96 22
Academic title: Ph.D
Curriculum Vitae 


Research interests

  • International Economics
  • Industrial Organization
  • Economic Development

Selected publications

  • Garcia Pires, A.J.; Kind, H.-J. and Sørgard, L. (2017), The Effects of Strategic News Sources on Media Coverage, Information Economics and Policy, 41, 28-35.
  • Brekke, K.; Garcia Pires, A.J.; Schindler, D. and Schjelderup, G. (2017), Capital Taxation and Imperfect Competition: ACE vs. CBIT, Journal of Public Economics, 147, 1-15.
  • Bjorvatn, K.; Ekström, M. and Garcia Pires, A.J. (2017), Små dytt for store valg: Kan nudging gi bedre oppmøte til lærerstudiet?, Samfunnsøkonomen, nr. 3, 46-51.
  • Garcia Pires, A.J.; Kolstad, I. and Wiig, A. (2017), Within-Group Heterogeneity and Group Dynamics: Analyzing Exit of Microcredit Groups in Angola, Oxford Development Studies, 45, 338-351.
  • Garcia Pires, A.J. (2017), Media Plurality: Private versus Mixed Duopolies, Journal of Public Economic Theory, 43, 255-283.
  • Garcia Pires, A.J. and Heum, P. (2016), Foreign Direct Investments of the BRIC Countries in Norway, in Brennan, L. and Bakir, C. (eds.), Emerging Market Multinationals in Europe, New York: Routledge.
  • Garcia Pires, A.J. and Schjelderup, G. (2016), How Panama Became a Tax Haven?, Foreign Affairs, 12 April 2016.
  • Garcia Pires, A.J. (2016), Media Plurality and Pluralism, European Journal of Law and Economics, 18, 942-960.
  • Garcia Pires, A.J. (2015), Brain Drain Waste, Journal of Economic Development, 40, 1-34.
  • Berge, L.; Bjorvatn, K.; Garcia Pires, A.J. and Tungodden, B. (2015), Competitive in the Lab, Successful in the Field? Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization, 118, 303-317.
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  • Garcia Pires, A.J. (2014), Media Plurality, Advertising, and Adaptation of News to Readers' Political Preferences, Information Economics and Policy, 28, 28-38.
  • Garcia Pires, A.J. (2014), Beyond Trade Costs: Firms' Endogenous Access to International Markets, Journal of Industry, Competition and Trade, 14, 229-257.
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  • Garcia Pires, A.J. (2009), R&D and Endogenous Asymmetries between Firms, Economics Letters, 103, 153–156. 
  • Garcia Pires, A.J. (2006), Estimating Krugman’s Economic Geography Model for the Spanish Regions, Spanish Economic Review, 4, 83-112. 
  • Garcia Pires, A.J. (2004), Market Potential and Welfare: Evidence from the Iberian Peninsula, Portuguese Economic Journal, 4, 107-127.  

Selected research projects

  • Tele-media
  • Micro-credit
  • Tax-havens