Berit Sund

Postdoctoral Researcher

Phone: +47 55 95 97 86
Academic title: Phd (Leadership), MSc (Economics and Business Administration)

Research interests: 

  • Norwegian leadership
  • Nordic leadership
  • Culturally adapted leadership
  • Emotions in the workplace
  • Management of organizational diversity


Sund, B. and Lines, R. (2017). When leadership leads to loathing: The effect of culturally (in)congruent leadership on employee contempt and voluntary work behaviors. The Journal of Values-Based Leadership, 10(2).

Sund, B. (2016). Norwegian leadership: A culturally congruent approach. PhD thesis, Bergen, Norway.

Lines, R. and Sund, B. (2016). Ledelse og diversitet: Felles visjoner versus individuell tilpasning. Scandinavian Journal of Business Research, 30(1), 42-63.

Sund, B. and Lines, R. (2014). Implisitte teorier om særtrekk ved norsk ledelse. Nordiske Organisasjonsstudier, 16(3), 56-79.

Sund, B. (2014). Just an illusion of equality? The gender diversity paradox in Norway. Scandinavian Journal of Business Research, 29(2), 157-183.