Ivar Gaasland

Ivar GaaslandSenior Researcher

E-mail:               ivar.gaasland@snf.no
Phone:               +47 55 95 95 16
Academic title:    Dr.polit.

Research interests

  • Food and resource economics
  • Agricultural economics
  • Trade economics
  • Numerical modeling

Selected publications

  • “Agriculture versus fish – Norway in WTO”. Food Policy 34(4) 2009.
  •  “On Deregulating Food Prices”. Computational Economics 2009. (With Sjur D. Flåm and Erling Vårdal).
  • “Multifunctionality of agriculture: An inquiry into the complementarity between landscape preservation and food security”. European Review of Agricultural Economics 32(4) 2005. (With Rolf Brunstad and Erling Vårdal).
  • "Efficiency losses in milk marketing boards - the importance of exports". Nordic Journal of Political Economy 31(2) 2005 (With Rolf Brunstad and Erling Vårdal).
  • “Agricultural production and the optimal level of landscape preservation”. Land Economics 4 1999. (With Rolf Brunstad and Erling Vårdal).
  • “Tariff or Quota Protection - A Case Study of the Norwegian Apple Market”. Applied Economics 30 1998. (With Erling Vårdal).
  • “Agriculture as a provider of public goods: a case study for Norway”. Agricultural Economics 13 1995. (With Rolf Brunstad and Erling Vårdal).

Work in progress

  • “A better targeted policy on environmental services may lead to a larger relative PSE-a paradox illustrated by the case of Norway.” Revise and resubmit European Review of Agricultural Economics. (With David Blandford, Rolf Brunstad and Erling Vårdal).
  • “How effective are WTO disciplines on domestic support and market access for agriculture?” (With David Blandford, Roberto Garcia and Erling Vårdal).
  • “Amber to green – changing colour in agricultural policy.” SNF Working Paper 17/09. (With Klaus Mittenzwei).
  • “Copenhagen meets Doha: greenhouse gas emission reduction and trade liberalization in Norwegian agriculture.” (With David Blandford and Erling Vårdal).

Selected research projects

  • A sustainable regional policy. (The Research Council of Norway - ongoing).
  • Development of a computational general equilibrium model with focus on food sectors. (Ministry of finance; Ministry of fisheries and coastal affairs).
  • Efficient green support. (The Research Council of Norway).
  • Analyses of Norwegian food policy. (The Research Council of Norway).