Torstein Nesheim

Senior Researcher

Tel:                +47 55 95 97 72
Mobile:           +47 922 54 892
Academic title: Ph.D., Adjunct Professor


Research interests

  • Organizational structure, especially challenges in project-based organizations, matrixes and multi-dimensional organizations
  • Organizational boundaries and network organizations
  • Non-standard work arrangements and multi-employment relations
  • Knowledge management and knowledge sharing

Selected publications

  • Smith, J. and Nesheim, T. (2015): "Knowledge sharing in projects: Does employment arrangement matter?", Personnel Review, 44(2), 255-269.
  • Nesheim, T., Fahle, B. and Tobiassen, A.E. (2014): "When external consultants work on internal projects: Exploring managerial challenges", in Koene, B., Galais, N. and Garsten, C. (eds.): Management and Organization of Temporary Agency Work. Routledge.
  • Nesheim, T. and Gressgård, L.J. (2014): "Knowledge sharing in a complex organization: Antecedents and safety effects", Safety Science, 62, 28-36.
  • Nesheim, T. (2013): "Bemanningstiltak som kriseløsning: Determinanter og konsekvenser for endringskapasitet" ("Staffing strategies in crisis: Determinants for and consequences of change capacity"), Søkelys på arbeidslivet, 30, nr. 3: 222-234.
  • Nesheim, T. (2011): "Balancing Process Ownership and Line Management in a Matrix-like Organization", Business and Process Management, 18(2): 109-119.
  • Nesheim, T., Olsen, K.M. and Tobiassen, A. (2011): "Knowledge Communities in Matrix-like Organizations: Managing Knowledge towards Application", Journal of Knowledge Management, 15(5): 836-850.
  • Nesheim, T., Olsen, K.M. and Kalleberg, A.L. (2007): "Externalizing the core: Firms' use of employment intermediaries in the information and communication technology industries", Human Resource Management, 46(2): 247-264.

Work in progress

  • Multiple commitment in a Professional Service Firm
  • Job quality on triadic employment relations
  • Enhancing knowledge articulation in communities of practice
  • Matriseorganisering og ledelse over avstand
  • Kampen mot sosial dumping: Inter-organisatorisk prosjekt som organisatorisk verktøy

Selected research projects

  • Analyse av Valemon (Statoil)
  • Standardization of work processes and organizational design in Statoil
  • Governance in the public sector
  • Managing knowledge workers in complex organizational settings (Focus-programme)