Trond Bjørndal

Senior Researcher

Phone:            +47 55 95 95 05 
Academic title: Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

Research field:

Natural resource economics, specialising in fisheries and aquaculture economics

Current projects:

  • The Management of Transboundary Fisheries
  • The Economics of Aquaculture (with F. Asche)

Selected publications:

  • Bjørndal, T., Lappo, A. and Ramos, J. (2014). "An economic analysis of the Portuguese fisheries sector 1960-2011", Marine Policy, DOI:10.1016/j.marpol.2014.06.004.
  • Bjørndal, T. and Lindroos, M. (2014). "Noncooperative Management of the Northeast Atlantic Cod Fishery: A First Mover Advantage", Natural Resource Modeling, 27(3), 396-410.
  • Asche, F., Bjørndal, T. and Bjørndal, M.T. (2014). "Development in fleet fishing capacity in rights based fisheries", Marine Policy, 44, 166-171.
  • Ekerhovd, N.-A. and Bjørndal, T. (2014). "Management of Pelagic Fisheries in the Northeast Atlantic: Norwegian Spring Spawning Herring, Mackerel, and Blue Whiting", Marine Resource Economics, 29(1), 69-83.
  • Asche, F. and Bjørndal, T. (2014). "Salmon aquaculture: environmental impacts and economic implications", in Woo, P.T.K. and Noakes, D.J. (eds.): Salmon: biology, ecological impacts and economic importance, Chap. 15, 307-326.
  • Bjørndal, T. and Steinshamn, S.I. (2013). "On the Contributions of Professor Rögnvaldur Hannesson to Fisheries Economics", Marine Resource Economics, 28(4), 345-350.
  • Bjørndal, T. and Lindroos, M. (2012). "Cooperative and non-cooperative management of the Northeast Atlantic cod fishery", Journal of Bioeconomics, 14, 41-60.
  • Bjørndal, T. and G.R. Munro (2012). The Economics of Fisheries Management. Oxford University Press.
  • Asche, F. and Bjørndal, T. (2011). The Economics of Salmon Aquaculture. 2nd Edition. Wiley-Blackwell.
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  • Asche, F., Bjørndal, T. and Gordon, D.V. (2009). "Resource Rent in Individual Quota Fishery", Land Economics 85(2), 280-292.
  • Gordon, D.V., Bjørndal, T., Day, M. and Talukder, R.K. (2008). "An Intra-Farm Study of Production Factors and Productivity for Shrimp Farms in Bangladesh: An Index Approach", Marine Resource Economics 23: 411-424.