Silje Rydland Skaar

PhD Candidate

Phone:            +47 55 95 95 62
Academic title: Master of Science


Research interests  

  • Strategic change
  • Implementation processes
  • Middle and first line managers
  • Identity and sensemaking processes

PhD research project

Comparative case study of line managers in strategic change implementation in a multinational oil and gas corporation. Research interest in managing change below top levels, specifically the perspectives and practices of first line managers.

Conference papers and presentations:

  • Skaar, S. R. (2017) Challenges and Contributions of First Line Managers as Change Agents, paper accepted for presentation at FIBE, 5. - 6. January 2017.
  • Skaar, S. R. (2016) PhD Research Proposal, Doctoral Colloquium, FIBE, 7. - 8. January 2016.

Research project affiliations:

  • ACTION Research Project - SNF/NHH (2015-)