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Int. J. Knowledge Management Studies, 9(1), 18-30 (2018) Enhancing knowledge articulation in communities of practices: the role of the community leader
Isabell Schonhowd Haagensen, Eline Katrin Helland and Torstein Nesheim
Aquaculture Economics & Management, 21(4), 433-451 (2017) Market integration between wild and farmed species in Spain (
Trond Bjørndal and Jordi Guillen
Academy of Management Proceedings, 1, 17731 (2017) A Framework for Developing Organizational Crisis Leadership: An Integration of Multiple Perspectives (
Synnøve Nesse
A15/17 Competition and risk taking in the banking industry: The case of capital requirements
Simen A. Ulsaker
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Transportation Research Part D: Transport and Environment, 50, 409-417, 2017 Batteries in offshore support vessels - Pollution, climate impact and economics (
Haakon Elizabeth Lindstad, Gunnar Eskeland and Agathe Isabelle Rialland
Journal of Cleaner Production, 178, 1-13 (2018) The energy efficiency effects of periodic ship hull cleaning (
Roar Adland, Pierre Cariou, Haiying Jia and Francois-Charles Wolff
A14/17 A contraction approach to periodic optimization problems
Leif K. Sandal, Sturla F. Kvamsdal, José M. Maroto and Manuel Morán
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Social Science & Medicine, 196, 166-174 (2018) Private or public hospital ownership: Does it really matter? (
Afsane Bjorvatn
Journal of East-West Business, 1-23 (2017) Crisis Management Across Borders: Effects of a Crisis Event on Consumer Responses and Communication Strategies in Norway and Russia (
Alexander Jakubanecs, Magne Supphellen and James G. Helgeson
R05/17 Digital kompetanseutvikling - En analyse av to tiltak i NRK
Line Torsøe og Sandra Gjester Hoel
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R04/17 «Start Smart» En eksperimentell longitudinell studie av oppstartsaktiviteter i team
Henrik Kyte Assmann og Ivar Bergem Strand
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Computational Economics, 1-20 (2017) Indexing of Technical Change in Aggregated Data (
Sturla F. Kvamsdal
Employee Relations, 39(7), 1083-1099 (2017) Lay off employees or terminate consultant contracts? Responses to an external shock in three firms in the Norwegian petroleum industry (
Anna Paula Fijalkowska, Karina Sofie Hjartåker and Torstein Nesheim
Transportation Research Part D: Transport and Environment, 57, 303-313 (2017) Sulphur Abatement Globally in Maritime Shipping (
Elizabeth Lindstad, Carl Fredrik Rehn and Gunnar Eskeland
Ecological Modelling, 364, 124-131 (2017) A bridge between continuous and discrete-time bioeconomic models: Seasonality in fisheries (
Sturla F. Kvamsdal, Jose M. Maroto, Manuel Moran and Leif Kristoffer Sandal

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